perfectbot Ice Scraper-Multifunctional Electric Snow Scraper,Car Windshield Snow Removal and Deicing Defroster, Electric Handheld Car Glass Deicer



Outstanding performance: The electric hand-held ice scraper ends the task of slowly scraping ice from the windshield, bit by bit. Equipped with a 3000mAh battery, it can be used multiple times without charging cleaner. Faster: Uses a 4.3" disc and six sturdy plastic blades that spin at 1600 Rotating speed to quickly and efficiently remove stubborn ice from your windows with minimal pressure Ease of use: When the unit is on and in standby mode, press lightly to rotate the de-icer tray. Easily remove ice, snow and frost by simply moving around the window in minutes Ergonomic and practical: Its handheld design provides a more comfortable way to clean your windows than traditional ice wipers. Lightweight, compact design is easy to handle and hold, as well as store in the car HIGH QUALITY AND SAFE TO USE: Made with high quality components and materials, and designed for increased durability. Included protective cover prevents injury from accidental scraper activating


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